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Bargain Basement / specials / used instruments

Here we list items that are either end of the line, or used, or that have some slight flaw, or were special finds.  In each case, when it's gone, it's gone.

For all items listed here you must make contact in person please, there is no online option to buy because stock changes frequently.  Payment can be made by card number over the phone or by bank transfer or paypal.

Don't forget ALL our prices include UK postage

Please note that new Primavera stock has been significantly increased in price by the wholesaler.  So have Hidersine violin and bow prices, and Dominant strings. It's called Brexit .....


Used Antoni 3/4

Trade-in. Basic bow with a reasonable amount of hair, shaped styrofoam case (not Antoni) £40

Used Reghin violin outfit 3/4

Case in good condition.  Erich Steiner brand bow which is well haired and straight.  The violin has quite a lot of cosmetic damage (no cracks, but a number of chips).  Wittner tailpiece and Prelude strings (new) will be fitted as the present factory strings are pretty bad.  This comes from the same town in Romania where Gligas are made - but not the same workshop.  It's the other maker's equivalent of a Genial 2.  Sensible beginner's buy at £100

Primavera outfit 1/2 size

Old stock – this is the old model of the P100 with the ebonised rather than ebony fittings £70

New seconds Heritage Guarneri violin 4/4

From The Soundpost, this is the sister model to the Heritage Strad and Heritage Bergonzi which are on our normal product pages.  This violin started out as a sale item (from the wholesaler) due to untidy varnish, it has (or at least had) the label but not the certificate.  Since then it has had a few problems which are now dealt with.  At some stage some kindly person who had it on approval managed to push a music stand through the ribs (couldn't prove anything of course so we had to let that go).  This repair has been so well done that I honestly cannot imagine that anyone would even notice it (it's difficult enough to see even when pointed out).  Then at some stage the neck angle changed and resetting the neck was not an option due to some issue with the top plate which is thought to have been caused by unseasoned wood (admittedly not quite what you expect at this price!) or perhaps damp storage conditions, but that seems less likely since it has only ever been stored with our other instruments.  Finally it was decided to just fit a low bridge and leave the neck angle smaller than usual.  The list price on this instrument (without any set up at all, not even strings) is £1569.99.  This one has been fitted with Pirastro Obligato strings and an ebony Pusch tailpeice with four built in adjusters.  In view of its chequered history I thought it wise to ask my repairer friend who is also a professional player and high level teacher to give it a good play.  Verdict - it's fine.  It has an extra low bridge which many players will like.  Pictures are available.  £700

New seconds Primavera 100 violin outfits 4/4 and 1/2

The bow and case will be different to those normally supplied with the outfit, but of comparable quality.  Also I will supply a proper block of rosin rather than the tiny thing that is supplied as standard.  These violins have cosmetic issues (mostly very trivial indeed).  RRP £115.  £80

New seconds Primavera 90 violin outfit 4/4

Cosmetic issues on violin, the music pocket zip is broken on the case.  RRP £96  £60

New seconds Primavera 90 outfit 1/4

Very trivial cosmetic issue (tiny chip) RRP £96.  £70

New seconds Rainbow violin outfits 4/4 blue, 3/4 blue, 1/2 pink.  All supplied with Glasser bows

Cosmetic issues - paint on the blue ones, a chip on the back of the pink one.  RRP £128 (outfit price).  The cases are new styrofoam basic shaped cases. The usual bows have been replaced with Glasser's coloured premium fibreglass bows which are distinctly superior to the Chinese bows normally supplied with this outfit.  The Glasser bows have a lifetime guarantee for a start.  They have a list price in the USA of $109.  The UK wholesaler concerned sells the usual coloured bow at list price £38.50 and the plain brown Glasser fibreglass at list price £57.85 (they don't sell the coloured Glassers but obviously those would be more expensive).  The outfit also includes a good block of rosin rather than the tiny block it usually comes with.  £90 each

New Rainbow violin 3/4 purple with Glasser bow

Description as above except that this violin is not seconds but perfect.  £110.  Why hasn't someone snapped this up?

New improved Concertante violin 4/4

This one has been nicely set up with Dominant strings and one adjuster (but I can easily fit another three if required), an ebony Teka pattern chinrest and a decent quality bridge and soundpost which have been professionally fitted.  Nothing wrong with it at all.  RRP with factory strings and a cheaper chinrest is £430.  The current RRP for a set of Dominant strings is £51.70, the RRP for the chinrest is £22 and if you manage to get a bridge and soundpost properly fitted anywhere for less than £30 I want to know where!  This is a good buy for someone at £420 and I really don't know why someone hasn't snapped it up.

New Seconds Gliga Genial 2 violin outfit 4/4

Needed a repair at the end of the fingerboard which didn't work as well as hoped.  Nothing to affect playing.  £200

Coming soon - much improved Gliga Gama Super 4/4 with repaired crack

This was a beautiful standard finish Gama which had been significantly upgraded with Wittner fine tune pegs (these pegs cost £79.92 before fitting and to give you some idea, one of the online giants is quoting £50 per peg to fit them!) and Evah Pirazzi gold strings (list price £90.92).  Also included is a Hidersine rectangular case (styrofoam, list price £47.50).  It has in fact been used but would have passed as new anywhere - until it cracked in the post presumably due to a sudden humidity change.  Gutted would hardly describe it.  I am going to get the crack (which is on the f hole, about 4cm long) professionally repaired which means it will be perfectly stable and will affect nothing except the appearance of the instrument.  On the grounds that the upgrades almost balance out the crack, I am looking for £500 for this one.  Call now if you want it, obviously there is only one!

Violin bows 4/4 (new)

Orchestra three star silver model (Chinese, pernambuco, silver mounted) from The Soundpost - RRP £365.21 but these two bows somehow did not get stamped.  Sold to me at a reduced rate because of the lack of stamp.  Grab a bargain!  One each round stick and octagonal stick, 4/4.  I have no idea why these did not sell months ago. £250 each

Violin bow 4/4 used Coda Diamond NX

Fully haired and only used for a few months and difficult to distinguish from new.  The present list price on this is £410 so you can save a good bit here.  £275 (yes that is less than a new prodigy and it's the next bow up in the series).

 Violin cases sizes 4/4 to 1/4

I have many new seconds (and thirds and fourths!) cases in need of good homes.   There is no point in throwing these away so they are all available at £10 to £40 (including UK postage of course) depending on what they are and how bad they look.   All are fully functional.  The cheaper or worst affected cases are free with a violin.  Make contact and tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do.



1978. German made, label bears Reinhold Schnabl’s signature (do not confuse with similar brand names!!) One-piece back, reddish coloured varnish, ebony horseshoe where neck meets body, rosewood fittings, high-level professional set-up. Significant cosmetic damage including professionally repaired hole on left upper bout rib. The repair was done by putting the broken fragments of wood back together and done by a highly respected repairer (David Snelling). Reluctant sale of my own viola purchased for £1,200 from David Snelling in 1984, which I used for LTCL study (did not pass but that was not the viola’s fault!!) Only for sale because I simply cannot play any more.

New price (as near as we can ascertain) would be £6,000. Being offered for £2,000 in view of the cosmetic damage.  This is a viola suitable for diploma level playing.

Sander 16 inch German (new)

Antiqued / distressed finish (ie. made to look genuinely old).  I think it is model 702A but cannot absolutely guarantee that as there is no label.  A wholesaler I deal with bought this in as a sample and then decided not to proceed further with selling it.  It was offered to retailers and I was the first one who agreed to buy it so I got it.  It arrived from the factory set up with Larsen strings and a Despiau bridge and Wittner tailpiece but any alternative of your choice will be supplied at no extra cost.  Also supplied will be a basic (but new) case for shipping.

As far as I can work it out based on what I know, I would expect this viola on its own to retail at about £2000 if it had a label - that estimate is based on US prices for the 702 and 702A which you can research for yourself easily enough (don't forget to add the VAT).  It's German and as such the price is high. So this is a very nice buy for someone.  Powerful tone and definitely viola like - as far as I can tell with my now very limited playing, this even competes with the Gligas (and is louder than them).  This is a good instrument.  £1200

Gliga Genial 1 14 inch viola with repaired crack.

This arrived with a significant crack on the front which has been glued.  They have to be really bad before I throw them away, and lower models are not economic to send back.  To cover the basic costs of repair and postage I need £40.  That is for the viola as is - it does have pegs, tailpiece and bridge and the soundpost is in place.  Nothing else is included, not even strings, unless I can pinch some factory strings from another viola.  I can find you a perfectly usable but cosmetically challenged case free.  Alternatively anything can be added at cost (if anyone is reading this and adding it up and wondering just how much all the extras cost, you're right.  The bare bones of the instrument are really quite cheap until you get to a higher level and that, of course, is why cheap instruments are sold with factory strings as standard - a set of viola Dominants costs around £70 at the moment and it's only going one way!).  Often these repaired instruments end up being donated to some worthy cause.



New Primavera 90 cello 1/2 size cello outfit

Unlike the usual Primavera outfit, this one is supplied with a real block of A&B rosin.  RRP is £450.  Pick it up for my normal price of £375 from the regular Primavera 90 cello product page (wow, huge saving, a whole free block of rosin, LOL!)

Coming soon - call now if you want it: Much improved 4/4 Primavera 100 cello outfit.  Prelude strings, genuine Wittner tailpiece, better bow and rosin, individually fitted bridge. £500


used 1/8 size Glasser fibreglass, fully haired, perfectly good playing condition.  New price as far as I can ascertain is about £100.   £40




Mollenhauer Denner in pearwood with tarnishing to the double keys (can't be felt, only seen) £370.  The current price is £545.64 though admittedly the new model does have a hard case, the one I have has the soft pasty shaped case.  Nonetheless, a considerable saving.

Music stands

Bought as an experiment, these very beautiful wood stands are made by Gliga.  Height adjustable, the desk part can be removed for table top use but most people will want to have this in the music room as a lovely piece of furniture.  The desk angle adjusts at least to two different positions.  Unfortunately the first one I opened has some cosmetic damage including a chip out of the ledge where it is visible.  Nothing that can't be well disguised with an appropriate furniture polish or those crayons that used to be sold for this very purpose by Kleeneze (guess what I did for a living at one time!).  I haven't opened the other one, these are solid heavy items which I don't want hanging around unwrapped.  I have the dark stained version.  £100