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Enrico Orselli (labelled) violin 4/4

Enrico Orselli (labelled) violin 4/4


No I don't think the label is genuine - this maker died in 1955 and in any case if you know where you can find Italian violins in this condition at this price please tell me!!  Nevertheless a very beautiful new instrument, responsive and lovely tone.  Appears to be completely new but has some beautifully done antiquing, fading where the left hand would hold it during rests in orchestral playing, and under the chinrest where you would have your chin in the days before proper chinrests existed.  All so well done that you could very easily believe it was from Orselli's lifetime, but no I don't for a minute think it is, I just think it is a very well made fake.  Don't even know the country of origin.

Fitted with Pirastro Tonica strings and one adjuster but of course you can have four if you prefer.

As with many of my instruments, when it's gone it's gone.



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