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Mathias Neuner labelled German violin 7/8 - 4/4

Mathias Neuner labelled German violin 7/8 - 4/4


Really nice violin which is just smaller than a 4/4.  The pictures showing the Wittner type tailpiece were taken before the violin was set up cleaned up, and the f hole cracks were glued.  There are two F hole cracks which are glued and stable (par for the course for this sort of age)

The only peculiarity is the size.   The relevant measurements are overall length 584mm, back length 351mm, scale length 324mm (as near as I can get them)

It sounds wonderful, to the point that the luthier who set it up thinks the label is genuine.  However I am not convinced so please don't buy assuming that it is genuine.  If you later find it is, lucky you!

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