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Romanian made good student to intermediate violin - no VAT!

Romanian made good student to intermediate violin - no VAT!


This comes from a small Romanian workshop in Reghin.  The maker worked for Hora for six months before branching out on his own.  He now makes violins "in the white" for a very big German company.  His main business however is the sale of tonewoods.  This means that the violins are made of good wood.  They have been finished in a rather unconventional manner with no varnish inside the pegbox, and this one also seems to have no varnish under the fingerboard - obviously this is a cosmetic issue only and can only be seen if you look for it. I assume this is because he is used to making them in the white.

The violin has a lightly flamed back and ebony fittings.  It is unlabelled.  I won't be importing these again because alas they have proved impossible to sell even at a break even price (I dread to think what they would cost if they had been finished in Germany like a lot of this maker's violins)

I asked the repairer I use (who is also a professional performer and teacher) to set these violins up for me because that was where they were particularly weak.  If she had varnished them as well we could claim that they were made in England, such are the rules(!) but no, they are Romanian, but they have been very well set up in England, with Dominant strings and a Glasser tailpiece.

Tone wise they sound much like the Gligas, as you would expect.  Better than the Gems, to my ears, and louder than any of the Gligas.  If you want something with a mellow tone, but plenty of it, this one has to be well worth considering.  The price is for the violin only.

This price is now down to exactly what it has cost me (including postage to you).  And that's with no VAT.  Obviously I am not going to be buying any more, not simply to have them sitting around for months on end and finally sell at cost.  When it's gone, it's gone.

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