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Stentor 2 cello 4/4 hugely upgraded but cosmetic fault

Stentor 2 cello 4/4 hugely upgraded but cosmetic fault


I am putting this on my normal product pages simply because I have been surprised at the lack of interest in it.  Either people do not understand the meaning of the upgrades or perhaps they simply haven't seen it, so here it is.

This instrument is new and came from the Omega Music liquidation.  Unfortunately at some point it became separated from its bow and bag and also the varnish got damaged but this damage is largely concealed by the fingerboard.  It is only the bit under the fingerboard - study all the pictures - what you see in the first picture on the right hand side is not damage but a reflection.

The upgrades: better quality professionally fitted bridge - that is 90 minutes skilled work for a start.  Prelude strings.  A hard styrofoam Stentor case rather than a padded bag - this case is missing the backpack straps but I rather suspect most people don't use those anyway.  If you do, you can buy them separately.

Yes it will have a bow of comparable quality to the one normally supplied, and also a block of Hidersine 3C rosin.

You can price all that up easily enough but I make it about £225 worth of upgrades.  And that is why I am rather surprised that this cello is still here.  I haven't bothered to put the stock pictures up, you can find those easily enough on Stentor's own website.

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