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Strunal 220 violin 4/4 violin only

Strunal 220 violin 4/4 violin only


I first dealt with Strunal many years ago and was disappointed with the set up, but then was persuaded to give them another try several years later and wow!  They had sorted their set up problems out and everything was beautifully set up.  I started dealing with them again but then they found that I was not registered for VAT and decided not to deal with me.  Well, i am registered for VAT now and have been approached by them to ask if I would like to start selling their violins again.

Well that's fine as far as I am concerned because as I said, they are good.  In fact I am not entirely sure why they are not more popular.  Strunal is the largest violin making company in Europe and they have been going for decades.  Actually they say they can trace their history through 300 years!  Here is their website

They also make vioins under the brand names Dvorak and Paganini.

Now one of the problems (well, the only one really) with Strunal is that they have an unfortunate habit of changing model numbers on a regular basis and also until quite recently they used to produce many different models at very similar prices so that it is sometimes quite difficult to work out exactly what is what.  But don't worry, I have done the work for you.

The Strunal 220 comes from their student range and has a brown colour washed finish. I imagine you will want a Wittner type tailpiece and better strings, that's fine, tell me what you want and I will do them at cost, but the price as it stands is for the instrument as you see it (in case you want to fit it up yourself).  The instrument has solid woods, inlaid purfling and ebony fittings of course.  And yes it will have a chin rest!

I only have one of these.  As always, don't forget, if you want to try this violin alongside others, that is absolutely fine.  Just get in touch.


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