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Tian Yin violin outfit 4/4 only (ref. vl1c)

Tian Yin violin outfit 4/4 only (ref. vl1c)


Well flamed hand made violin with decorative boxwood fittings (boxwood with a white dot). Brazilwood bow and rectangular stryrofoam case.  Yes you can have four adjusters if you prefer.  Because the varnishing is done by hand, there are some blemishes especially under the fingerboard.  The violins are sent to me with the tailpiece wrapped in paper, and in hot weather paper sticks to the varnish.  This is, unfortunately, completely the norm for hand varnished violins sent from China.  It is because the varnish used is softer than some.

The reference number is just for my use.  I needed a way to distinguish between several sample models.

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