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Several visitors seem to be having problems with the search facility so here are a couple of points to bear in mind:

1. If you spell it wrong, you will get no results.  The website search engine does not correct spelling.  If you think it should be here and it isn't, check your spelling!  Also it won't split or join words.  If you don't know whether it should be one word or two, try both!

2. If you are searching for some other shop's brand name you will get no results.  That also applies to wholesaler's specials.  The only wholesalers I deal with are The Soundpost and Barnes and Mullins (Hidersine).  If you want to know if I have something that is equivalent to a particular own brand or wholesaler model, the answer is likely to be yes, but you will need to ask!  Most large makers make for own brands.

3. A very generic search such as "violin" will give a huge number of results. If you want to search by product type, go through the collections (near the top of the home page)

4. I write my small sizes as fractions e.g. 1/2.  But again, it's easier just to go through the collections.

5. If in doubt, contact me.  I always reply to emails unless they are spam or requests to send by Fedex to Nigeria!  (if you email, please acknowledge my reply.  If you don't I will assume you didn't get it and mail you again)