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One-offs, B stock and used modern instruments

Here we list items that are either end of the line, or items I don't normally sell, or used, or that have some slight flaw, or were special finds.  In each case, when it's gone, it's gone.  I try hard to keep this updated so the chances are very high that if you see it here, it is still here.  Antique instruments have their own section.

I can't reduce prices of used instruments through the floor because I have to charge VAT by law and I do offer 50% trade in.  Also all prices include UK postage and you have a one year guarantee with used instruments bought from me. If you want cheaper, try ebay or gumtree.

For all items listed here you must make contact in person please, there is no online option to buy because stock changes frequently.  Payment can be made by card number over the phone or by bank transfer or paypal.

Don't forget ALL my prices include UK postage


New Westbury violin 4/4
Violin only but with the bridge properly adjusted (it was far too thick).  The outfit list price is £300.  Worth considering if you prefer to choose your own case.  £170  Or have it with an upgraded bow and case for £300.
4/4 Chinese workshop violin, very lightly used
Originated (well, after import from China obviously) from another specialist seller who fitted with with an Aubert bridge and Larsen Tzigane strings and a Wittner tailpiece.  Professionally set up of course.  Ebony pegs with white decoration - a rather attractive violin all round in fact.  Original price at that shop was £399 but that was in 2015 and Chinese prices have gone up a lot since then due to the exchange rate.  You won't tell the difference from new apart from the fact that it has finger placement stickers on.  Traded in for a Gama.  Highly recommend that you try this one if you are looking for something Chinese in this price range.  Pictures available.  £350 
New Strunal 3310 with scratch 4/4
Dominant strings, Wittner tailpiece.  Has a long scratch on the left upper bout.  £500
Used significantly upgraded Concertante antique violin (Eastman VL305) outfit 4/4
Well flamed back and antique finish.  Set up by Moseley Violins with  Despiau bridge and Dominant strings.  Boxwood tailpiece and Gewa centre mounted chinrest. Fine tune pegs with imitation rosewood heads and gold coloured pips - one pip missing. Fully lined Brazilwood bow which has plenty of hair and is reasonable straight.  Concertante case - an old incarnation of it but that is clearly what it is.  The case (dark red inside) does have signs of wear but is fully functional.  New price on this lot - violin my price £530 with factory strings.  Dominant strings won't leave you much change from £50.  Fine tune pegs - at least £80 if fitted at the time of purchase, more if fitted later because you would have to pay for fitting. Case new my price £110.  Bow - not one I sell but list price is £41.50.  Pictures available.  £500

 Used Heritage Strad violin (from The Soundpost) 4/4

Used by an adult and therefore indistinguishable from new.  Fitted with Pirastro Obligato strings.  List price is £1560.  £1000 



Used but upgraded Cathedral blue violin outfit 3/4

New bow (wood, brown), new case (shaped styrofoam), professionally fitted new bridge, Prelude strings.  So it all sounds pretty good and is a better bet than a new one from an online giant who sells them straight out of the box.  The violin itself is in excellent condition and the blue is an attractive blue washed finish.  £100

Used Gliga Gems 2 violin outfit 3/4 size

Dates from 2011.  The instrument itself is in good condition with the only thing of note being a small repaired and stable crack on the neck, and marks on the fingerboard where someone had stickers.  Hidersine shaped case with the rosin cover pull broken but otherwise good.   Pictures available.  This outfit will be supplied with a new bow and rosin.  New price is £380.  £280

Used Gliga Gems 2 violin outfit 3/4 size (another one)

Dates from 2016.  Instrument in good condition with a chip off the wood on one side.  Case with the bit the bows go into in need of regluing.  Upgraded bow (tian yin superior brazilwood) fully haired.  New rosin.  Pictures available.  New price is £380.  £280

 New seconds Primavera 100 violin outfit 1/2 size

The issue here is the end button which is sticking out a an angle.  It isn't going to come out easily, otherwise I would have taken it out and replaced it.  Since it doesn't affect playing and looks as if it isn't going anywhere in a hurry, my suggestion is just to leave it.  If it happens to come out before the violin is outgrown, just tell me because it will be covered under my guarantee.  Also the violin itself is an old incarnation of the Primavera 100 and has ebonised fingerboard and pegs rather than ebony (in other words, like the present Primavera 90 except that the pegs are black rather than rosewood).  As a huge positive to outweigh this, it has a professionally fitted new bridge.  New Brazilwood bow and shaped styrofoam case with blanket (it's a Primavera 200 case) and branded rosin (Hidersine Junior).  £80
Used upgraded Stentor Student 1 violin outfit 1/2 size
Very good condition with only trivial cosmetic damage, including the ubiquitous finger placement stickers.  Fitted with Prelude strings, four adjusters and a professionally fitted Aubert bridge!  Shaped styrofoam case with blanket (not Stentor, but Primavera 200 so comparable quality), Valentino brand bow with plenty of hair and although not perfectly straight, good enough for use, new (but small) block of rosin.  The upgrades make this a better buy than a new one - it will sound a lot better!  £100



New Primavera 100 violin outfit 1/2 size
Listed here because it is an old incarnation of the Primavera 100.  The pegs are ebony but the fingerboard is not.  Professionally fitted bridge though!   New Brazilwood bow and shaped styrofoam case with blanket (it's a Primavera 200 case) and branded rosin (Hidersine Junior).  £100 

 New painted 1/2 size violin, Donald Duck design

Truly unique, I am convinced there is no other like this in the world.  Perfect for passing down as a family heirloom.  I am not giving it away!   Actually dates from 2006 but never sold so it probably sounds far better than a new one.  Violin only.  £500 (yes obviously there is a significant premium there for its uniqueness). See it here

Used 1/4 size Gliga Gems 1 violin outfit

Dates from 2011.  Has finger placement stickers but other than that the violin itself is almost unmarked.  It is better flamed than they are these days and really very pretty.  Fitted with a Wittner centre mounted chinrest.  Comes in a rectangular case which is still functional but has clear signs of use, in particular the buckle is at the point of breaking, it closes fine at the moment but once it breaks it will be a matter of opening it once with a pen and then cutting the buckle strap off.  It will still close perfectly well with the two zips.  Also the straps are missing but I might be able to find you a pair of those if you really want them. There is a bow but it is a cheap Chinese one that was bought as a spare and is somewhat bent.  New Dominant strings were fitted at some point but the old ones have been retained and are therefore included as spares.  This is a nice buy for someone.  New price for my standard outfit is £420 but to be fair that would normally be with a better bow (but without the spare strings and the Wittner chinrest).  £300 

 Used 1/4 size superior Chinese violin outfit

This is the violin I sell at £400 (violin only), supplied with a brand new Gliga case and with the bow that was originally sold with it, which is the carbon fibre patterned bow I sell at £70.  The bow is missing some hair so may need to be replaced in a few months time.  Or it might last until the violin is outgrown.  The violin itself is an attractive dark brown colour, with no visible marks that I can see, and is fitted with Dominant strings and a Wittner ultra tailpiece.  £350 

Used 1/8 size Gliga Genial 1 violin outfit

All in excellent condition, dating from 2017.  Case blanket lost.  New price is £300 so you can save a bit here without compromising anything more than a case blanket.  £240







 New 4/4 Mayflower cello outfit, upgraded

Mayflower was The Soundpost's budget model before the Primavera 90, so this is old stock but don't let that put you off because this one has a new Despiau fitted bridge, new soundpost and end pin unit and is fitted with Prelude strings. That is at least £100 worth of upgrades even at cost.  Better buy than a new Primavera 90?  Yes it is.  The padded bag is the same as the one supplied with the Primavera 90 but the bow will be a Hidersine.  A decent block of rosin will be supplied too.  £450


New seconds 4/4 Stentor 2 cello outfit upgraded

This is an interesting one.  Somehow or other it has sustained a large varnish blemish on the front just under the end of the fingerboard and it looks as if someone (presumably at the shop it came from, this was from a closing down sale) tried to remove the blemish but actually made it worse.  Pictures available.  A new, quality bridge has been professionally fitted and that is a significant upgrade. The padded bag is different, I will be supplying a Primavera one instead of a Stentor one (the cello and bag got separated).  Also it has a Hidersine bow rather than a stentor one.  But it does have a proper block of Hidersine rosin. £500



Rather a strange thing to find amongst the used items but I happen to have three used Wolf forte secondo rests.  Two are 4/4-3/4 size and of these one is as new but has a dent in the foam - I am certain that was there when it was first purchased.  £20.  The other has more signs of wear but is still totally serviceable £20.  Also a small one 1/8 to 1/16 which has signs of wear.  £10.  Also a resonans, can check which height if anyone wants it.  About a fiver will do for that one.  All prices includes UK postage. 



Schroetter AS26C 4/4  new seconds
Fully lined, imitation whalebone grip, octagonal stick.  There is a strip of hair missing from the middle though this does not affect playing.  Almost worth getting this rehaired.  £30.
Schroetter AS24C 3/4 new seconds
One eye is missing.  I don't think you will feel that when playing. £25



4/4 Stentor styrofoam case, new but no straps. £1004/4 stryofoam case with wheels in need of wheel repair

Apart from the wheel it is in good condition apart from what appears to be a material patch on the front.  No straps.  As for the wheel, the wheel unit itself is fine but it has come unscrewed and I don't have the screws.  These wheels screw directly into the styrofoam and at the moment you can see the styrofoam but whether the screws have come out because the holes have worn too large, and whether it can be screwed back in the same place or not, I don't know.  Perhaps this one might be best sold to someone local who can come and look and see if you think you can fix it.  It is usable without the wheels but if you take the wheels off you will see the foam.  £40 if collected.  £50 if posted but I am not prepared to guarantee that you will be able to reattach the wheel.
New 3/4 semi rigid cello case with insides probably missing.
This is a slightly strange one.  I got three of these cases and they appeared to be identical but with this one I have no idea how to attach the bits that are supposed to go inside it (the foam and neck restraints and so on).  After several attempts made by three of us to work it out, I was forced to conclude that perhaps the wrong bits have been supplied.  So assume it's just unfitted inside and would need something like a blanket to make it functional for carrying the cello around.  Might be best sold to someone local who can come and look and see if you think you will be able to do something with it.  Worth it if you can because the list price is £175.  I don't think there are any straps either.  £40 if collected or £50 if posted.
Oddments (don't ask...)
Mahalo MK1TBS ukulele (new)
slight cosmetic damage.  Bag present.  £15