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Bargain Basement / seconds / b stock / one-offs / used instruments

Here we list items that are either end of the line, or used, or that have some slight flaw, or were special finds.  In each case, when it's gone, it's gone.  I try hard to keep this updated so the chances are very high that if you see it here, it is still here.

For all items listed here you must make contact in person please, there is no online option to buy because stock changes frequently.  Payment can be made by card number over the phone or by bank transfer or paypal.

Don't forget ALL my prices include UK postage


NEW SG50 violin and bow, and "B stock" case 3/4

Budget model from The Soundpost which is either discontinued or never has been generally available.  Still solid wood, however, and the set up is actually pretty good.  The case has some dents to the styrofoam.  There is a bow that is the original but it is hilariously awful (though it is straight), and the typical small block of rosin is also supplied.  These outfits (under different brand names) are typically sold by large retailers for between £60 and £70 (presumably plus postage) - and yes I am sure the bow is always that bad!  £50 

New seconds Primavera 90 outfit 1/4

Very trivial cosmetic issue (tiny chip on the edge) RRP £112.  £85

New painted 1/2 size violin, Donald Duck design
Truly unique, I am convinced there is no other like this in the world.  Perfect for passing down as a family heirloom.  I am not giving it away!   Actually dates from 2006 but never sold so it probably sounds far better than a new one.  Violin only.  £500 (yes obviously there is a significant premium there for its uniqueness). See it here


Used Zeller violin outfit 4/4

 Very little use by the look of it.  The P&H bow is fully haired, the violin has only very minor marks.  Shaped styrofoam case does have signs of use but is still in good condition.  Nicely set up with a Teller bridge at the correct height, which suggests to me that it has had some extra set up work, although I cannot absolutely guarantee that, but it does only have factory strings.  List price seems to be £295. £200

Used Westbury violin outfit 4/4

Violin and case unmarked as far as I can see.  Violin fitted with Dominant strings.  Not a lot of hair on the bow so realistically you will need a new one List price is £300.  £200

 New seconds ("B stock") Westbury violin outfit 3/4 size

Sustained damage to the case in transit - one of the two bow holders is broken and unfortunately cannot be easily replaced.  The other bow holder is fine.  As a result of the broken bow holder, the bow fell onto the violin had has caused a very small chip in the varnish on the top plate.  Pictures available.  Obviously this does not affect playing. List price is £300. £200

Violin cases sizes 3/4 to 1/4

I have many new seconds (and thirds and fourths!) cases in need of good homes. The reason for this is cosmetic damage caused by keeping them in our office and then letting cats in there.  Yes it was a stupid thing to do and no I don't do it now!  It was when my husband was very ill and I needed to clear a bedroom for a hospital bed.  Anyway there is no point in throwing these away so they are all available at £10 to £40 (including UK postage of course) depending on what they are and how bad they look.   All are fully functional.  The cheaper or worst affected cases are free with a violin.  Make contact and tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do.  BUT obviously if you find cat smells particularly offensive it may not be possible to clean the cases up enough for you.




New Seconds but significantly upgraded Primavera 100 cello outfit 3/4 size

The seconds bit: there are a couple of scratches on the base, where they won't be seen.  The upgraded bit: Prelude strings (list price £71.74), a genuine Wittner Ultra tailpiece (list price £26.17) and a professionally fitted bridge (just price that up at any specialist shop!) and professional set up.  You know, the sort you would get in a bricks and mortar specialist shop of the type that won't tell you the prices on the website.  Schroetter cello bow (this is an upgrade on what is normally supplied with this outfit).  Also a block of A&B rosin (list price £5.13), and a Hidersine gig bag which is better padded than the standard Primavera bag.  This is a very sensible buy in this price range for any parent who realises that cellos pick up cosmetic damage very easily indeed!  Pictures are available.  £550


Used Gliga Gems 1 cello outfit 1/2 size

This is a very nice buy for someone.  No the saving on new isn't enormous (sorry but I give quite generous trade ins and I do have to charge VAT on all sales including of used instruments) but there are some advantages of this cello compared to a new one.  First, it's better flamed than they usually are these days, more like a Gama would be today.  Second, it has been well played in and sounds wonderful (it sounds pretty good even when played by me, played by a real cellist it will be lovely).  Third, it has a Sandu Stroe massaranduba wood bow which is still fully haired.  I sell those new for £150 so as you can see it is a significant upgrade.  Fourth, unless you go over it with a magnifying glass you are going to have some difficulty even realising that the cello itself is used, it has been very well looked after.  Fifth, it comes with a padded bag as well as Gliga's hard case, so you can choose which you use.  New price is £1400.  This is down to the price of a new Gems 2 but is going to be a much better buy.  Dates from 2010 and was traded in for a bigger one.  £1200


New old model Glasser 2000CG (carbongraphite) 4/4

New and unused but does not have the Glasser stamp as the current model does.  Otherwise exactly the same.  Weight 61g.  Just a chance to save £25 on the current price.  £175


New seconds ("B stock") two star pernambuco Orchestra bow from The Soundpost

Round stick, nickel mounted.  The leather has receded slightly which means that the underlay of the grip protrudes a bit.  Won't affect playing.  List price £238.  This is offered at cost plus postage £165


Schroetter AS26C 4/4  new seconds
Fully lined, imitation whalebone grip, octagonal stick.  There is a strip of hair missing from the middle though this does not affect playing.  Almost worth getting this rehaired.  £30.
Schroetter AS24C 3/4 new seconds
One eye is missing.  I don't think you will feel that when playing. £25