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Violin bows

  You might also like to check the bargain basement where there are some used and new bows of interest to advanced players.

Confused?  If you are a more advanced player, you may find it helpful to have a tube of bows on approval.  All I need is a credit card number and a price ceiling.  Please note the choice of bows in small sizes, and lower price ranges, is quite limited.  I try to keep Glasser bows in stock but wood bows from wholesalers are not always in stock.  However if in stock at the wholesaler they can be obtained within a couple of days.

NEW - arrived October 2016 - high level master made pernambuco bows from Europe, made by a bow maker I have had experience of in the past through his work for a major European maker.  I always liked his bows but have been unable to get them for the last four years.  He now makes bows independently under his own name (which I am not to reveal openly but the bows are stamped with his name) and also for a major German maker.  You will find these bows listed as "superior pernambuco European bow" in this collection.