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Double Basses

Well, for two years now I have had the Gliga basses up here mostly at cost, simply to try to get them known.  All I have had is several inquiries from people who thought I have a selection of basses in stock (sorry, far too small!) and were not prepared to trust me enough to buy one at cost with the guarantee that it could be returned at no expense to themselves if they didn't like it.   Getting reviews has proved to be impossible simply because the majority of customers simply will not review products. 

I had the two lowest priced ones up for less than the list price of an Eastman 80, for goodness sake!

Sorry, bassists, but unless any of you know of some private investor with money to lend (seriously!), I am never likely to be able to get these in just to have them sitting around waiting for buyers.  It can't be done.  Cash flow doesn't permit it.

So, I give up.  These are my Gliga bass prices for comparison and they are still lower than the US or Australian prices (don't forget if ordering from outside the EU you have to add VAT to the full cost including shipping (and pay customs duty too).

Go and have a look at or for example and do the conversion (don't forget to add the VAT and shipping if you are on the American site!)

For all double basses the price is for the instrument only with factory strings but does include delivery to many parts of the UK and also a very basic set up (the soundpost will be put up!)

For far away countries the shipping costs door to door are high.  Air freight may well be substantially cheaper and also small basses will be cheaper.  It is recommended that you make direct contact for a definite shipping quote before purchase.