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 Note to overseas buyers: the shipping costs apply to full size cellos.  Smaller ones will be a bit cheaper.  Please make contact first for a shipping quote.

All Gliga cellos are obtained to order because I sell very few of them.  This does not affect your right of return.  I am sorry but there is no way around this.  I only sell perhaps three or four Gliga cellos of ANY size or quality a year.  There is no way I can hold them in stock.  I have had three Primavera cellos cheaper than anyone else in the UK for months and no-one is showing any interest even in those!

However before you write them off and go for something else do consider the following:

1. Your legal right of return applies.  If by any chance you want something custom made then that may be different and only returnable if faulty BUT you would ALWAYS be told this before ordering and it does not apply to anything you can order directly through this website.  UK returns are free.  I do request that you don't abuse that (so, don't order a £1800 cello just out of curiosity if your real budget is £10k, that is not a fair comparison!)

2. The prices are lower than the description might make you think it ought to be because the prices are low.  That's all.  Compare with the US site (don't forget to add the shipping and VAT!).  The prices are low because I am very keen to sell more Gliga cellos.

3. Getting reviews from customers, alas, is like getting blood out of a stone.  Look at the violin and viola reviews, the cellos are equally well received.

4. Have a look on youtube for soundfiles of Gliga cellos (don't go by mine!!!)