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Note to overseas buyers: the shipping costs apply to full size cellos.  Smaller ones will be a bit cheaper.  Please make contact first for a shipping quote.

Just a quick word of warning about buying cellos from the large online retailers who make a virtue of the fact that they have not even opened the box(!):  these retailers are selling the instruments exactly as they come from the wholesaler and (unless specified otherwise) the box will not have been opened at the wholesaler either (did you seriously think that a wholesaler importing a container load of instruments by sea has skilled employees lined up to check every one on arrival?  Think again!).  These cellos come with the bridge either tied around the neck of the cello or with it packed under the tailpiece.  Guess who puts it up?  O, and if you think they come with zero cosmetic damage after two months in transit and in view of the practices of some Chinese factories (I only said some!), well, again, that is not the case.

If you are looking at Gliga cellos and think they cannot possibly be as good as claimed for the price, think again.  My margins on these cellos have been kept very low simply because I am very keen to sell more of them (compare with the American site, bearing in mind that if you bought from there you would add 23.5% for VAT and customs on the full cost including shipping).  Unfortunately getting customers to leave product reviews is rather like getting blood out of a stone but they are as well received as the violins and violas.  The Australian dealers White Horse music and Simply For Strings have some very nice recordings of these cellos (and the prices might surprise you).  I think I can safely say that no UK buyer is likely to buy a cello from Australia but check out their videos.  Admittedly those dealers can play!  

All Gliga cellos are obtained to order because I sell very few of them.  This does not affect your right of return.  I am sorry but there is no way around this.  I only sell perhaps three or four Gliga cellos of ANY size or quality a year.  There is no way I can hold them in stock (unless someone knows of a private investor?!). UK returns are free.  I do request that you don't abuse that (so, don't order a £2000 cello just out of curiosity if your real budget is £10k, that is not a fair comparison!) 

You can wait a while and you want an exceptional buy?  Check out my new Chinese collection.