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About me

Liz Ward of Elida violins with X-Hadow Sweety Burms of Huggibear

This is me.  I'm Liz Ward and I am the sole proprietor of Elida violins.  Here I am pictured with Shadow (X-Hadow Sweety Burms of Huggibear)(!) which gives a fair indicator of my hobby.

I am on facebook as Elida Trading.

The Elida story goes back to the time shortly after I met my husband David through internet discussion groups in February 2001, a time when meeting one’s future spouse on the internet was still quite uncommon, and got married eight months later. This picture was taken at our wedding.

Unsurprisingly, we believed from early on that good things could happen on the internet – perhaps even violin sales? I had been a music teacher for several years, both in secondary schools teaching to A level, and privately teaching violin, piano, recorder and flute. David’s background was in insurance and he was a keen amateur pianist. After we married, we started trading on the internet through eBay, first trading in used instruments. Then we discovered The Soundpost – I am still happy to deal with them, though these days it is mainly cases and accessories. Shortly afterwards we discovered Gliga and never looked back. We were also very happy to deal with Mollenhauer for recorders and with Glasser for bows.

I still sell on ebay from time to time under the name of elizabethward.  Right now there are several listing there of recorders, and violins and cellos from The Soundpost.  However most of my business comes from personal recommendation. Why? Because I am rather old fashioned and I really do believe in personal service. It is not that I don’t make mistakes, I do, but when I do, I put them right and make sure the customer does not lose out. Everything I send is personally checked, you will not receive an unopened box with a violin you have to set up yourself.  Many customers have returned to me for larger sizes or for others in the family, and increasingly violin teachers recommend me. The feedback I get from parents and teachers is tremendous, and it gives me pleasure to know that I helped to make someone’s musical enjoyment possible.

Why "us" and "I" mixed up in one article?  Well, sadly, the business Elida Trading belonged to David but he died in December 2015 after several months struggling with dementia and many physical issues.  I was left with no alternative but to open a new business on my own account.  Same expertise - David never did anything other than the paperwork, except for rosining about 50 bows once when we had a bulk order - new name, new person in charge.

So, now there is only me (though I do get help with packing) and that means that there is not always someone available to answer the phone. Also I have only limited mobility due to severe arthritis and it can take me some time to reach the phone if I am in another room. Please always leave a message, I really do want to speak to you and will never deliberately ignore a business call or email (except spam, or emails of the “Can you send your products to Nigeria by Fedex” variety). If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, please give me the benefit of the doubt and just try again, I will not be deliberately ignoring you. You matter. Even if I can’t help and don’t know who can, I will still reply because you took the trouble to contact me.

I don't do repairs - well, not unless you mean really basic stuff like restringing.  I can refer you to those who can, though.

I am happy to send anywhere in the world. The prices quoted include UK delivery but overseas delivery will be more – please ask for a shipping quote.