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Customers looking for 4/4 violin cases may wish to check out the Muzip cases collection - these are offered by a third party but they do look nice.  Why not check them out?

Our cases stock is rather changeable due to changing stock at the wholesalers.  As standard with the Gliga Genial and Gems violin and viola outfits, we provide a shaped styrofoam case with blanket.  Subject to stock at the wholesalers, other cases can be obtained quite quickly with a lead time from ordering to delivery of less than a week.

Please note that for small violin sizes the choice in cases available anywhere is very limited.  We are happy to send violins without a case if you prefer to source your own case.

NEW: The Soundpost are now supplying Negri violin cases.  These legendary cases made in Italy need no introduction but they are not cheap, starting at £250 RRP.  We sold a Milano years ago to a professional player and it really was the most beautiful case.  If you are seriously in the market for one of these I will be pleased to give you the lowest possible price.