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Have it your way: my standard set up for Gliga violas includes Dominant strings and four adjusters (Gama and Maestro) or Glasser / Wittner tailpiece (Gems and Genials).  If you prefer any other set up, just ask.  Any extras will only be charged at the actual cost to me, I don't charge for my time.

On the way now: the bows upgrade is back for the Gems violas full size only.

Please note that for small size violas (13 inch and below) the bow supplied will be a US composite bow.  That is because I cannot get Brazilwood viola bows except in 4/4.  Many retailers supply violin bows with small violas but that means you do not have the weight needed for a good sound on the C string.  Gliga violas are the best small violas I know so why spoil them by using violin bows?

Standard set up on all violins and violas includes lubricating the pegs where necessary and also the bridge and nut grooves.