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Other Gliga models

Less common Gliga models

On the online ordering system, we list the most common models. However there are many possibilities for those wanting something a little different. For all of these, you need to contact us in person, and for some we would require a deposit before ordering one for you.

First, full size violins (only) are available in Guarneri model as well as the more familiar Strad model. The Guarneri is a little larger, with a back length of just over 14 inches, and is more powerful in tone, and perhaps a little darker. The price is the same as the Strad model.

Gliga Gama Guarneri violin

At the top of the range there is a Ceruti Master model (Strad) which has a spirit varnish, and also a Master violin inspired by the Amati 1572 violin, antiqued finish and very beautiful.  These two models are not cheap, they are priced similarly to the pyrographed and Hellier copy Master violins.

Full size Gama cellos (only) are available in a Montagna model which is shorter but wider than the Strad model and produces a more powerful sound.  

Full size Gama violins with a willow or poplar back are available at extra cost. Full size Master violins with walnut back are available at extra cost. Birds eye maple is available in all instruments and qualities at extra cost.

Special antiqued instruments (dark brown) are available in all qualities from Genial 1, at extra cost.

Gloria violins have maple fittings and are labelled Gloria. They are available in Genial 1 and Gems 2 qualities at extra cost.

Coloured violins are available in Genial 1 quality at extra cost. Artistic design violins are available in Gems 1 and 2 qualities at extra cost. Several designs are available. We have had a zebra, several butterflies both on a coloured background and just on wood, leaves and tigers.

Artistic designs are also available on Gamas. We had one in natural finish with a horse painted on the back.

Pyrography is available on the Master violins at extra cost. Relief carving is also available at extra cost. Some of these instruments are very special. We have had double purfling, a lion head scroll, relief carving including the scroll, and a Hellier copy in natural finish. Every one is individually priced and there will be a deposit required if you want to order one of these.

 Acoustic-electric violins (ie. acoustic violins with pick ups and control knobs fitted) are available from a surprisingly low cost in various colours.  You plug a cable in.  As you will gather, this is very far from my area of expertise, I have only ever sold one.  It was in beautiful metallic gold and we found a gold coloured Glasser bow to match.  If you want one of these, frankly you are on your own as far as any advice is concerned, but they do come at a very reasonable price.