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Left handed violins (and violas, cellos, basses ...)

Gliga are one of the very few makers (in fact perhaps the only one) to supply violins in real left handed versions at prices in the hundreds rather than thousands.  These instruments are completely reversed with the soundpost and bass bar swapped round, the fingerboard set for left handed playing, left handed chin rest, and reversed pegs (so that the first finger does not keep being obstructed by the E peg).  Players who have played these invariably comment on the significant difference over their "just changed the strings round" violins.

Don't forget, though, that in fact most left handed players do play right handed (I have known two such players at University music degree level) and that if you do choose to play left handed, you will be unlikely to ever be able to play in an orchestra and may have difficulty finding a teacher.  For this reason I strongly discourage teaching children this way.  This is really one for the adult folk fiddlers.

Here is a picture of a left handed Gems 1 (carved back) bass, shown with Jeremy Ard of Ard Violins

The left handed bass can be seen in action here

The prices are on the normal product pages - go through until you see "left handed".  For example all the left handed violin prices are here: