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Returns policy

This replaces Shopify's default policy.

Under the Distance Selling regulations you have 14 days to return any item except customised items, this includes left handed instruments except for violins Gama or below) for any reason, including buyer remorse.  For an experimental period I am offering free returns on everything for which I accept a return, but please play fair.  I am a very small business and it is not fair to ask me to send something you have little to no intention of buying (eg. if your real budget is £5000 but you think you just might get away with £500 - you won't!)

Anything that is classed as a customised item will be charged for in advance and it will be made quite clear to you that it is not returnable unless faulty (as an example, once we had someone wanting a family crest painted onto a Maestro.  That would not be easy to resell!)

Faulty items will be exchanged or refunded as you prefer.  If it is purely a cosmetic fault I may offer a reduction in price.  That is an option for you and you are under no obligation to accept it if you prefer a replacement or a full refund.  Refunds will not be given until the item you purchased is received here in the condition it left in (you are, however, allowed to rosin bows!).  Please loosen the bow after playing and please dust the rosin off the violin including at the bridge end of the fingerboard - sticky residues reduce the resale value.

For replacements I sometimes suggest waiting until you receive the replacement before sending the original back in the packaging the replacement comes in.

People often ask about the guarantee.  Basically it's a year, at least.  The only things likely to need replacing under the guarantee are bows and cases.  Faults in the instrument would be expected to show up straight away.

I want you to be happy and in fact have only ever once refused a return.  That was a buyer who turned out to be buying for the purpose of selling the instruments on under a false description on ebay and who wanted to return two violas claiming, to us, that they had never been out of their cases, whilst claiming on her ebay listing that they had been used to play solos in the Royal Albert Hall.  Right.  I saw red.  I once reduced a refund for a case when the buyer decided to send it back with the bow holder screws not only removed but absent, and on another occasion I reduced a refund when the buyer sent the violin back in just a jiffy bag and damage resulted.

To return your product, you should mail your product to: 48 Curzon Street Huddersfield  GB HD2 1XB.  PLEASE make contact first.  PLEASE include your name in the package!  I recommend, but do not insist upon, Parcelforce.  As long as you have tracking and use the original packaging (or other suitable packaging) there is no need to get extra insurance for instruments.  For tubes of bows sent on approval, please use Royal Mail Special Delivery.  If you send an instrument or bow in completely inadequate packaging, I will deduct the cost of repairing any damage.  It has only happened once and it was only a bridge (but goodness knows how the rest of it survived)

I do not ask for my postage costs to be borne by you.  In return I ask for some basic courtesy: please do not order out of mere curiosity if you are not seriously in the market for an instrument in the price range.  It is very easy to spot spurious reasons for returns and although you do have the right to return in law, it is not playing fair.  I pay fees on refunds as well as on sales.  If you are a teacher wishing to try my instruments I will be very happy to accommodate you, simply declare yourself.  If you are a retailer wanting to investigate Gligas, either contact them direct and get a sample order, or visit them in Frankfurt, or scour ebay.  I cannot act as a wholesaler (too small!)