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If you would like to call me, the number is 01484 428518.  However please be warned that there is only me.  Sometimes I am out.  I live here, so there are no fixed hours when you can call (I don't go to bed early).  However you will never get me on Sunday mornings or evenings.

I am crippled with arthritis and it can take me a long time to get to the phone.  PLEASE DO NOT HANG UP!  There is nothing worse than struggling to get to the phone only to find that the caller has hung up and not left a message.  Your call is important to me and if you leave a message I WILL call you back.

I can be texted on 07847 216669 but I do not leave the mobile phone on all day.

If you want to check out the postal address, the office address (where I live, and where I receive deliveries) is 48 Curzon Street, Huddersfield HD2 1XB.  However please do not call here without making prior arrangements because I am not always here and in any case my arthritis makes it very difficult to get to the door before people have given up and gone away.

Usually the best way to contact me is simply by email to or through the contact form on this website.  I ALWAYS reply unless the email is clearly a scam so if you do not hear back from me within 24 hours please just try again.