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If you would like to call me, the number is 07847 216669 However please be warned that sometimes I turn my phone to silent - when I am in bed or in a meeting.  Please note that I don't seem to get notifications of voicemails left.  Therefore text is a much better option as far as I am concerned.  If you call and I don't get back to you it means I haven't picked up the voicemail so call again or (preferably) text or email.  I never deliberately ignore customers.

I can be texted on 07847 216669 too, or contacted on facebook messenger.

If you want to check out the postal address, the office address (where I live, and where I receive deliveries) is 48 Curzon Street, Huddersfield HD2 1XB.  However please do not call here without making prior arrangements because I am not always here and in any case my arthritis makes it very difficult to get to the door before people have given up and gone away.

Usually the best way to contact me is simply by email to or through the contact form on this website.  I ALWAYS reply unless the email is clearly a scam or spam, so if you do not hear back from me within 24 hours please CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER and then just try again. If my reply is undeliverable and you leave no other contact details, there is nothing more I can do.

Please do me a small favour.  If you email me, you will get a personal reply.  I don't use bots or automated replies ever.  I am a real person.  As such, I don't think it's completely unreasonable to ask that if I have sent you a full reply (which may include links to things I have found, or relatively long and detailed explanations) you actually acknowledge the email.  A simple "thanks Liz, message received" will do.  Otherwise I don't know if you have received it or not and may even send it again. 

Similarly, if you have been in conversation with me over several emails and appear to have definitely decided to buy, to the point of putting items in your cart, and then change your mind because your teacher throws up her hands in horror at the word "internet", do please tell me.  I am small enough to be counting every order and if you don't get back to me to say you have changed your mind, you are probably going to get an abandoned checkout email.  I try to be very polite and to the point when I receive such messages, whatever my personal feelings or knowledge might be, all you will get back, probably, is "OK, thanks for letting me know" (possibly with a comment about it looking as though you are going to have to raise your budget and wishing you luck, but that's as far as I ever go).

I am a real human being, not a bot.  Thanks.