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My philosophy as far as beginner outfits are concerned falls in between the two extremes you will find on the internet.  One extreme takes the "pile it high and sell it cheap" approach where you get the violin in the box as it comes from the wholesaler, without the retailer doing anything to it.  Those retailers compete on price. The other extreme involves doing a special set up on every instrument however cheap - those retailers (they are invariably specialist shops of course and rightly respected) compete on quality.  I go for the middle ground: the violin does need to be checked and expecting a new player to put the bridge up is rather optimistic, on the other hand whatever you do to a cheap violin it remains a cheap violin.

For more advanced violins, have it your way: my standard set up for Gliga violins includes Dominant strings and four adjusters (or Wittner tailpiece for very small sizes).  If you prefer a Wittner tailpiece, or just one adjuster, or a different brand of strings, or a Pusch tailpiece, or geared pegs, just ask.  Any extras will only be charged at the actual cost to me, I don't charge for my time.

Standard set up on all violins and violas includes lubricating the pegs where necessary and also the bridge and nut grooves.  For full size violins I can also shave pegs where necessary.