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Elizabeth Ward

It has been too long since I posted, so a few updates are in order.

First, for those who knew David and haven't heard, David died just before Christmas following a rapid deterioration both physically and mentally.  Elida Trading was David's business (at least in theory), hence the rebranding to Elida Violins.  David's bank would not let me take over his business account so I started again with my own bank.

Second, Glasser are now dealing with me (and many other retailers) direct which means I am able to obtain their bows much more quickly than before, after several years of supply difficulties.  I have always loved these bows so this is very good news.

Third, I have been able to obtain a small stock of bows from the Chinese maker Tian Yin.  This was impossible for some time due to cash flow constraints but I expect and hope that it will now be possible to obtain them regularly.  This means that some upgrades have been possible to the Gems and Genial outfits without any cost increase.

Fourth, on the Bargain Basement right now are a number of violins and cellos which were returned to the wholesaler by other retailers, mainly for cosmetic issues.  On some, the issues are so minor than I found myself astonished that any retailer would ever complain about them (or any customer for that matter).  Anyone wanting a bargain student instrument would do well to check out that part of the website.

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