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adwords, brexit and alarming times.

Elizabeth Ward

Some visitors may wonder why I have suddenly disappeared from Google Adwords. Well, quite simply, after spending a lot of money that way for more than a year, I have been forced to conclude that I might as well have poured money into a bottomless pit on a regular basis.  Yes I got over 100 visits a day, but either they were the same people visiting over and over again and inexplicably going through the paid ad link every time, or most were simply not serious about buying.  How else to explain having the lowest prices in the UK on popular items and still not selling them?  I mean, I realise that most buyers spend longer choosing a violin than choosing a car (seriously!) but honestly, do people really look for a year before buying?  It appears so!

One visitor viewed an item I sell very few of (like, one, ever) more than 30 times over a couple of days.  It  must be one person viewing, it can't suddenly be 30 when there has been zero interest before.  So yes, that one was the same person visiting over and over (if you are going to do that, dear customers,please bookmark the page rather than making the retailer pay every time you click their ad!!)

So no, I have not disappeared, I have just had enough of throwing money away.  Perhaps it's the Brexit that has dented consumer confidence.  O well, we might be over that soon, one way or the other.  Perhaps .....

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