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Another ghastly ebay violin

Elizabeth Ward

Someone brought me a violin to "set up" - meaning simply getting it ready to play, I can't do much in terms of fixing bad bridges for example, those normally go to the repairer I work with.

I have never before seen a violin with a plastic neck and plastic pegs.  The case seems OK and the bow was not the worst I had seen, but so much plastic was a new one to me.

I did get it in tune eventually (but I think it is likely to keep slipping out, peg paste might have helped if I had any) and the bow would stay on the correct string when playing with open strings.  I rather think playing stopped strings will be very difficult but my arthritis is now such that I can't use stopped strings except pizzicato.

Once again a recommendation - if you are a beginner and have a low budget, that's fine, it's quite sensible to start with something cheap.  But you will get a far better buy if you get a used violin.  New violins for £30 or so are just not playable.

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