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Approval bows

Elizabeth Ward

I am astounded at the percentage of bows I get back from approval that are still fully tightened.  I have checked with quite a few of my playing and teaching friends and every one of them agrees that you learn to loosen the bow after playing in lesson one (or the first lesson where you use the bow).

I suppose I could understand this from adult beginners who have no teacher (though you would think that such people would at least be looking at some basics on youtube) but for teenagers around grade 7 I find it completely incomprehensible.

Almost as incomprehensible as spending a couple of hundred pounds on a bow for someone who is apparently hell bent on damaging it!

Bows that you have on approval from me or from any other retailer who offers this facility REMAIN THE RETAILER'S PROPERTY until paid for.  It is GROSSLY unfair to return bows that have been so ill treated that they are damaged.  It is also grossly unfair to expect the retailer to honour a guarantee to replace a "faulty" bow that has been made faulty simply because it has been mistreated. Making a couple of hundred pounds profit on a violin sold does not compensate for £1000 worth of damage done to bows because your child has not yet learned to loosen the bow and you either don't understand the need to do so or don't want to supervise it.


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