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Black Friday

Elizabeth Ward

Now that this Americanism (about as welcome to me as Halloween) seems to be firmly with us (thank you SO much, Amazon and ASDA!) I suppose there will be people wondering what I am going to reduce on Black Friday.

Here is what I am definitely NOT going to reduce:

Any Gliga violins currently selling at below £2000.  Also any that are not here in stock.  Also any Gliga violas, cellos or double basses of any description whatsoever.  At current prices and the current exchange rate I am barely breaking even on most Gligas.  Expect a significant price RISE in January.

Any Glasser bows whatsoever (again I am barely breaking even in view of the exchange rate, expect a significant price RISE in January)

Any items that are already priced so low that a further reduction would take me into loss making territory.  If I ever need to clear stock at a loss I will do so.  Right now, I don't need to.

I cannot speak for other retailers but the prices you see on the website now are the prices you will see as the original retail price on Black Friday.  I am not going to pretend an item is on sale when actually it is simply back at the original price following two weeks of being available at a grossly inflated price somewhere in the outer hebrides.

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