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Cheeky rival website

Elizabeth Ward

I have just checked a "rival's" website - to be fair not much of a rival because they are a shop that does not post, but in consultation with a website analyst I was asked to select which website I thought was the closest to what I do and that is a very difficult one because I am rather unique, but these I thought were the closest.

They have a nice new website and some very nice Gliga violin pictures.  MY very nice Gliga violin pictures, which have been on their website for several months.

One of the pictures is inaccurate anyway, it shows a one piece back Gama when the price quoted (which is higher than mine) is clearly for a standard Gama.

Now I am very easy going and I suspect I probably will not end up doing anything much about it.  I started to write an email but then thought, what's the point?  I don't play politics in the cat world and I don't play politics in business either.  And as I said, they are no competition.  If it had been a certain large retailer that would be another matter, but these are small and localised.

Still, it's bad form.

Doing an image search also showed up the picture on an audition poster for a Spanish conservatoire which I certainly would not have objected to at all (it's quite a compliment to Simon Pollard's photography) but still, an email to say "please can we use your lovely picture?" would have been polite.  So, I hope they won't mind if I return the compliment.


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