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Chinese and European tonewoods

Elizabeth Ward

The issue of whether European tonewoods sound better than Chinese ones or not is quite a big one and probably not easy to answer because so many factors are involved.  Anyone who wants to read opinions can have a long reading session if they wish - let me know your conclusions!

But I will say this.  I have just strung up the two better Chinese violins I bought.  The best one, well as expected, it's nice.  I suspect that it will compare with the Heritage series in terms of sound, once it has been played in a bit.  Looks lovely too (that scroll is a beauty).  The second best one is the one with European tonewoods.  Nice?  Very nice.  It sounds European.  Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised!  I would love to hear these played by someone who can play (my arthritis now means that I am limited to open strings)

Will I be buying more?  You bet I will!

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