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Exciting new high end products on the way

Elizabeth Ward

I have been offered a rare opportunity to become the first UK supplier of a particular brand of stringed instruments and bows made by a single Eastern European maker whose name I am not at liberty to disclose openly.  This maker was previously with a very well known European workshop and is now making bows for a German big name.  His own bows are pernambuco of course, with German fittings.

His violins have been naturally dried for 15 years and are made from wood that is no longer widely available.

The first batch which will consist of two 4/4 violins, four 4/4 violin bows and one viola and one cello bow, are likely to arrive here by the end of October.  The violins are expected to start in price where Gligas finish ie. at around £1000 to £2500.  The bows I expect to be selling at around £300 (violin) to £450 (cello)

Initial expressions of interest are welcome.

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