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Gliga deliveries update

Elizabeth Ward

Apologies for the extended delay this time.  Gliga closed for their summer holiday and didn't put up an autoresponder so I did not know what was happening.

With the exception of left handed Gama violins, which are now in the varnishing workshop and expected here by the end of August, everything has been sent from Romania today by truck.

There will be one 4/4 Gama, one 4/4 Genova 2 and two 4/4 Gems 1s and 2s "spare" for order.  If you want one, get your order in, because at the moment it is taking me six weeks to get orders. 

Always with Gliga, the rule is that if you want one you need to allow plenty of time.  They are slow because they are getting more and more popular and everything is being made to order.  This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.  Omega music were large enough to hold lots of stock but they have gone and those of us who remain selling Gligas are all small businesses.  We can't accurately guess what buyers might want and we can't afford to tie up money in items that might not sell for months.

In short, if you want it, order it!  Unless it is something rather special (in which case you will be told very clearly) you have the absolute right of return if you don't like it so there is no need to worry.  Requests to call when stock arrives don't always work - often stock is sold to firm buyers long before it actually arrives.

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