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Gliga stock situation and Christmas orders

Elizabeth Ward

I am going to put all updates in the news section from now on rather than taking up space on the collections pages.  Any updates will go here.

Here is the present position regarding Gliga:

For the past year, Gliga have been in a position where they have been falling further and further behind with orders because demand outstrips supply.  The situation is quite easy to understand with a little thought: if the number of instruments made exceeds the number sold, stock builds up.  When this happens, many items are available immediately from stock and so orders can be filled quickly.  If the number of instruments sold exceeds the number made, stock gradually runs out and after that it is a matter of making to order.  If the demand continues to exceed supply, the queue for orders gets longer and longer.  This is the present position with Gliga.  Unfortunately as a very small retailer known mainly for Gliga, I am probably being hit more than most.  However even the largest Gliga suppliers are now running out of stock.

In terms of basic economics, when demand outstrips supply, the price will go up.  I am expecting that to happen very soon.  I am talking about the price charged by Gliga themselves.  On top of that, of course, the fall in value of the pound against the Euro means that UK retailers will be putting their prices up even if Gliga do not.  This may tempt some to buy from the USA (though the exchange rate will not help UK buyers doing that) but if you do consider that option, make sure you add VAT and duty to the total price including shipping (and there is always a carrier collection fee as well).

What is happening? 

OK, that's the why.  Here is the what. Well, I can't produce instruments out of thin air.  I am ordering from Gliga every week but the quantity I can order as a very small business is limited by cash flow considerations (I can only order what I expect to sell very quickly).  I am trying to keep popular items (4/4 Gama, Gems 1 and 2 and Genial 1 violins, 3/4 Gems 1 and 2 and Genial 1 violins, 1/2 Gems 1 and 2 and Genial 1 violins) constantly on order.  Anything else is always going to be ordered when I expect to sell one.  That does not mean it counts as a special order as far as you the customer are concerned, it just means it won't be in stock.

Lead time for out of stock items is looking like two months.  Longer if it is anything unusual.  That does not mean you will always have to wait two months, the popular items are on order all the time.  I rarely know how long the wait will be because I am not told what is being sent to me until it is actually sent, but obviously the longer something has been on order, the more likely it is that it will arrive soon.

Black Friday reductions on Gligas? 

No chance whatsoever.  Not from me.  I doubt if anyone else will be in a position to reduce them either, unless they are making it look that way by doing a false price increase first.

Price increase on Gligas? 

Yes.  January 1st without fail unless by any chance the pound suddenly surges against the Euro, and even then, if Gliga themselves put their prices up, up they will go.

Christmas orders for Gligas? 

Unless you have ordered already, no guarantees.  If you have ordered already and I have your order, I will do my usual job of moving heaven and earth to get your order to you in time.  If you haven't ordered already and it's a popular item you want, you may well be OK, the popular items are on order, but not in large quantities.  The sooner you get your order in, the ore chance you have of it arriving in time.  However I refuse to lose any sleep over orders that were not received by October 31st.  If you ordered after that, the most I am going to do is send your order by next day delivery, or deliver in person if you happen to be within easy reach of somewhere I am already going.  And of course I can't even do that until your order is actually here.

So why not try something else? 

There are many items on my website that would have sold quickly anywhere else, including in upmarket violin shops at a much higher price.  You can hear sound samples of many of them, and if you don't like your purchase you have the absolute right in law to return (I will be happy to get the instrument collected by Parcelforce at no cost to you, and replaced with a Gliga if that's what you want, just as soon as I have stock)

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