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Gliga stock update 8.11.16

Elizabeth Ward

Gliga are sending almost everything that was ordered before October 31st, and some items that have been ordered since.  The following stock items, not pre-ordered, are expected to arrive at the same time.  This is expected to be November 15th. 

The items that have not been already pre-ordered are:

One 4/4 Gama violin (normal finish)

One 4/4 Gama super violin (normal finish)

2 x 4/4 Gems 1 violins

2  x 4/4 Gems 2 violins

One 4/4 Genial 1 violin

One 3/4 Gems 1 violin

One 3/4 Gems 2 violin

One 1/2 Gems 2 violin

One 1/2 Genial 1 violin

This is all subject to checking the stock when it arrives so it is a maximum number expected as obviously anything that happens to be faulty cannot be sold until fixed (if fixable).  All orders will be filled in strict order because there is no other fair way to do it.  If you want to order one of these it is strongly recommended that you pre-order through the website right now.  I will update this list every time anything is pre-ordered.

If what you want is not here, I am still hoping to get another Gliga shipment before Christmas, though I cannot guarantee that at this stage.  I put in an order every week and I can tell you that the sooner you order, the better your chances are for Christmas delivery.  This issue only applies to Gliga instruments.

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