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Gliga stock update

Elizabeth Ward

Pre-ordered items (you know who you are) have been ordered but as yet I have no dispatch date.  As I keep emphasising, Gliga are now making almost everything to order and retailers simply wait in the queue.

The "spare" (unallocated) items, as at May 12th, include SMALL numbers of 4/4 Gems 2s, Gamas and Genial 1s, 3/4 Gems 1s and 2s and Genial 1s, and 1/2 Gems 2s and Genial 1s.  SMALL numbers.  Mainly ones and twos.  I am a very small business and there is a serious limit to my stock buying capabilities.  

If you want one of these items, order it now before someone else does.  After this order arrives it will be at least another month before they send me another order.

If you want something that is not listed here, order it now to be in with a good chance of it arriving with the items on order.  That is how Gliga seem to be working - each retailer's items are made in turn.  Miss this one and it will be at least an extra month.  Sorry but this is completely beyond my control and will remain so until either Gliga supply increases or I come up with some investor willing to advance me a loan sufficient to buy in a reasonable amount of stock to hold (bank computer models do not allow for businesses like mine). 

Many potential customers seem to be under the impression that if they keep checking back, one day the item they want will miraculously appear in stock.  Well if it's one I try to hold in regular stock, it might be.  Or it might be sold before it ever gets here.  If it's anything I don't normally turn over quickly, it won't ever appear in regular stock.  I am tiny and cannot hold items in stock for months or even years waiting for a buyer.  If you want it, order it!  If you can't cope with a month's delay and are not willing to pre-order, try one of the big boys who may still have stock.

All this only applies to Gliga items.  Wholesaler items can be obtained much faster.

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