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Gliga update

Elizabeth Ward

Everything ordered before the end of November either has been dispatched or will be dispatched early next week.

Remaining quantities of Gligas are very close to zero.  To be exact, I have remaining:

4/4 Gama 2 violin and Master Amati violin, also a cracked Gems 2 for gluing if it's for a DIY project.

3/4 Genial 1 violin

1/2 Gems 2 violin, Genial 1 violin and used Gems 2 violin.  There is also a Donald duck violin which has very strong similarities to the Gems 1.

15.5 Gama viola

14 Genial 1 viola

and although more stock has been ordered I think it unlikely that it will arrive here before Christmas.  If you are still looking for a violin for Christmas please consider something else.  If you don't like it, you have the absolute right of return at no cost to you.  I would be happy to exchange for a Gliga, with price adjustment either way, as soon as I have stock.

Two Romanian violins (4/4) in the Gems 1 / Gama 2 price range are expected here in time for Christmas.  If you are interested in one of those, now is the time to put your name on one because there are unlikely to be any more.  If you happen to be considering a higher price range, the superior European violins are very good and have very strong similarities to the very best of the Gligas.

Gliga prices will go up from January 1st (well OK it might be January 2nd by the time I get to the computer to change them, but don't bank on that).  Order now to beat the price increase.


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