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I got locked in the bathroom.

Elizabeth Ward carbon carbonfibre Glasser humidity

Had a bit of a panic this morning when I found myself unable to open the bathroom door, and an hour to go before my packing person was due (OK it could have been a lot worse!).  Finally managed to get out by using a teaspoon on the door catch.

Why mention it?  Because the reason the door stuck is due to the fact that at the moment it is very humid here.  Wood is seriously affected by humidity.  And therefore, so are wooden violins.  So if you are ordering a violin and I don't send it during extremes of weather, it's not because I am idle, it's a precaution against the violin arriving cracked if there is a sudden drop in humidity (that happens rarely, but when it does happen, it is always during hot weather).

Or alternatively, if you do a lot of travelling to other countries with your violin, why not consider the Glasser carbonfibre violin?

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