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New Strunal violins, cellos and double bass coming very soon

Elizabeth Ward

Strunal is the largest stringed instrument maker in Europe and if you search my site you will find a beautiful video they have made.

Strunal have very kindly agreed to let me have some of their current models on a six months sale or return basis.  These models are:

Violins (all 4/4) 150, 920, 401 (Maggini) and 331W (that's last year's actually but it is still new stock)

Cellos (4/4) 40/4F student model and 4/4 C concert model

Double bass (3/4) 50/4D student model

Full updates will be posted when they arrive.

If the cellos and / or bass don't sell, I guess I will be taking a short driving holiday in early September.  Fortunately Strunal is only a couple of miles past the German border.

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