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The slow boat from China has docked - but ....

Elizabeth Ward

Here is probably the most unfair contract term I have even seen.  Vanguard Logistics start charging for storage (minimum charge £60 and £40 PER DAY) on day 6 after devanning of the container.

Now wait for it.  The five days INCLUDES the devanning day, weekends and bank holidays, and any delay in customs is tough luck.

So if the container happens to be devanned next Thursday, I have to collect it next Thursday or pay charges.  Perhaps they expect me to camp outside their depot all night.

O yes, and since I do not have my own VAT deferrment account (pretty difficult to get by the looks of it, you have to put down bank guarantees), I can use theirs.  At 5% of the total VAT and customs charge.  Talk about raking the money in!

Suddenly importing by sea from China doesn't look quite so cheap does it.

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