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VAT and honesty

Elizabeth Ward

The Panorama programme of November 27th about VAT fraud on ebay and Amazon is well worth watching, if you haven't seen it.

One Chinese supplier I deal with recently assumed that I would want the paperwork to show a falsified, lower than actual, value for the goods, and in order to facilitate that invited me to pay by a method that would conceal the fact that I am a business.

I have never done that in 15 years of trading and never will.  Those who do (presumably including others UK retailers who have imported from this source, because this maker seemed to think it was the norm) have an unfair advantage in costing.

I charge no VAT at the moment because I am not large enough to be VAT registered.  That situation is about to change - meaning in less than a month.  I pay the full amount of VAT and customs on everything I import.  I have no wish to gain any business advantage by fraud.

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