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Want a Gliga before the end of term? - supply and demand. Please read!

Elizabeth Ward

It happens every year before Christmas and before the end of the summer term.  Parents want a Gliga for next term (or for Christmas) and assume that a couple of weeks is plenty of time to order.

Here is the good news: IF IT IS HERE IN STOCK, I can turn orders around very quickly indeed - certainly the next day, sometimes even same day if you order early enough.

Here is the bad news: demand for Gliga far outstrips supply.  Here is a second piece of bad news: demand for small sizes is much lower than for full size and is very unpredictable.  The third piece of news is both good and bad.  Elida Violins is a tiny business run by one person part time (with some part time packing and posting help which is only necessary because I am riddled with arthritis).  The huge advantage of that, of course, is that you always deal with the same person and your order is always important to me.  That's why I have the reputation I have.  The disadvantage can be summed up in two words: cash flow.  I can't keep everything in stock because I don't make the sort of profit that allows for items to be held for months or even years (I think the record so far is ten years for a non Gliga item and about seven years for a Gliga).  I can only buy in what I can reasonably expect to sell quickly.  And even then, I can't buy in many.  Unless someone has a few thousand spare to invest (seriously), or the cats start paying for themselves (ha ha!)

It is normal for Gligas to be sold before they ever arrive and there is absolutely no way round that short of a large cash investment for stock which I cannot do.  Potential customers often think that they will call in a couple of weeks to see if the latest Gliga order is here.  Sorry but that often does not work.  If you want it, order it!  If you don't want to wait, there are other sellers (but bear in mind that if you order from America you will have to pay VAT and customs on the full amount including shipping, this means it normally costs a lot more). 

So, please bear that in mind.  And bear in mind that because demand for Gliga so outstrips supply, they are now making almost everything to order, and all the retailers who deal with Gliga just have to wait our turn until they are ready to start on our order.  It has been that way for two years now and it doesn't look like changing any time soon.

In short, it is not too early to order now if you want the teacher to see the instrument before the end of term, especially if the teacher finishes before the end of term as is often the case.  A month is now the standard lead time for Gliga and for items that are a bit unusual it can be even longer.

I am usually happy to let items go out on approval but I do need a quick decision when that is requested.  I cannot send items in July and wait for a decision and payment until the middle of September when lessons start again.  If you want it, order it.  If you call me, and give your card number, you do not have to pay in advance (but please do not abuse that - there is nothing more annoying than ordering in something that I sell only infrequently and then having someone change their mind before even seeing it because they cannot bear to wait another week!)

Thank you for your consideration.  Other options you might consider are the other Romanian instruments (between Gems and Gama quality) and the high level European instruments (Maestro quality and beyond).

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