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New Chinese range

Don't write these off because you think the price is too low for the quality claimed.  The single maker violin and the pernambuco and pernambuco veneer bows and the blue case are getting rave reviews and selling very well (unfortunately getting reviews out of customers is like getting blood out of a stone).

These are my own imports.  Importing direct cuts out the wholesaler margin and although retailers importing direct cannot get the sort of prices wholesaler get (naturally), the direct importing still saves quite a lot.  These are unbranded because the norm would be for the wholesaler to have them branded, but no maker is going to do that for small quantities.

These are good.  I got a small sample last year and was impressed enough to re-order, and the latest batch too are good.  Don't confuse them with the £25 on ebay variety!  These products are sold under brand names in several countries including the UK, but unfortunately I do not know what the brand names are (rightly so, it would be quite wrong for a maker to reveal that).

The higher priced instruments are intended for good players - they are louder and more resonant than the Gligas.