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Single maker European instruments and bows

I am often asked where to go beyond Gliga.  Well let me suggest two possible directions which won't break the bank quite as much as you might think.  If you want tone above volume, try these.  If volume (projection) is of vital importance, consider the new Chinese range.  

With these European violins, unsurprisingly, the volume increases greatly with playing and the quality increases as you go up in price.  But think of a Gliga Gama and then allow for the single maker factor.  These are made from start to finish by one maker, who used to work for a very respected European company and then launched out on his own.  He has made violins in the white for German Italian and Dutch makers (check out the laws on labelling sometime, you might be surprised!).  These violins would cost a great deal more if the varnishing and set up was done in Germany or Italy!

These have proved so popular that the lower priced models have simply been exhausted.  All I can get now is £1200 upwards.  I have left some of the cheaper ones up simply for the product reviews.