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Which Gliga have i got?

Which Gliga have I got?


And – how do Gliga naming systems compare?

If you’ve bought (or at looking at) a Gliga instrument and are not quite sure what it is, identifying it isn’t all that difficult.

Let’s start at the bottom.  The Gliga Genial instruments are simply labelled Genial violins Toplita (that applies whatever the instrument is), there is no mention of Gliga on the label).   The Genial 2 has a sprayed on nitro varnish, this means the finish is high gloss (like most beginner’s violins).  The Genial 1 has an oil varnish which has a matt finish.

The Gems violins are labelled nelle officine Gliga.  The Gems 1 is better flamed than the Gems 2.  In other words, if it’s really pretty on the back neck and ribs, it’s a Gems 1.  If not, it’s a Gems 2.

The Gamas are labelled il diretto controllo and then either Vasile Glgia or Cristian Gliga.  The Gama 2 has a two piece back.  The Gama super (formerly known as a Gama 1) has a two piece back with (usually) an ebony horseshoe where the neck joins the body, and also (usually) a pin construction where there are two pins in the back, one on either side of the midline, one at the top, one at the bottom.  It’s also better flamed than the Gama 2.

Gamas and Maestros have fancy pegs with a white pip.

Maestros (Masters) are just labelled with either Vasile Gliga or Cristian Gliga’s signature.

Other naming systems: The Gama is also called the Professional and the Advanced. The Gems 1 is also called the Intermediate and the Workshop. The Gems 2 is also called the Student. These are violinslover’s descriptions. Other naming systems refer to Gliga I II and III. Here, the Gliga I is the Gems 1, the Gliga II is the Gems 2 and the Gliga III is the Genial 1.  I should also mention the Gliga Grottano which as far as I can see is a Genial 1 with slightly more decorative pegs (you only ever find these used so it must be a discontinued model).

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