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Antique 3/4 size Stainer copy

Antique 3/4 size Stainer copy


This violin has high arching and is stamped Stainer on the back but I'm afraid I cannot be sure where it was made, except that it was not made in China.  The seam on the back at the top has clearly been reglued at some stage but it is perfectly stable and yes it is covered by my guarantee.
The instrument is fitted with Dominant strings but I daresay you will not want to keep that adjuster.  So if you happen to prefer a Wittner tailpiece, or four matching Wittner adjusters, just say.  I don't charge any extra for those.  
Quite why anyone would buy an antique violin rather than a student one if the pupil still needed labels to show where to put their fingers is a bit of a mystery to me, but there it is.  They can of course easily be removed.
It sounds good.  The low price reflects the cosmetics because the reglued seam puts people off.
The picture of the three violins shows the colour best - the violin listed here is the one in the middle. 

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