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Artistic design Gliga Gems 1 or 2 violin outfit

Artistic design Gliga Gems 1 or 2 violin outfit


THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER and each one is an individual, painted by hand and no two exactly the same.  A blue and white butterfly design is shown as this is the one we have sold most of (but still only about two or three, ever).  They are also available in other colours, as butterflies on plain wood, and in other designs.  You will need to allow longer than usual for delivery - perhaps a month, or even two if Gliga are busy.

Complemented with a Glasser coloured fibreglass bow, perhaps, or of course a plain wood bow if you prefer.  Shaped styrofoam case.  Dominant strings, four adjusters - our normal Gliga set up.

You really need to make contact if you want one of these.  If you order with no contact, I will assume a blue and white butterfly design as pictured and a dark blue Glasser fibreglass bow.

Not butterflies?  Well, how about cars, or spongebob, or roses, or a sunflower?  There are all sorts of possibilities.


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