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Chinese pernambuco violin bow

Chinese pernambuco violin bow


These bows are good.  For the price, very good.  And of course as always my price includes UK shipping.

This particular maker is like a breath of fresh air.  It is completely normal for Chinese makers to tell you what they think you want to hear.  This one doesn't. The lady I deal with told me not to bother buying their advanced pernambuco bow which is three times the price, because I wouldn't tell the difference.  What did she mean?  Well, pernambuco is in very short supply, with exports restricted by the Brazilian government, and so is expensive.  But in China there are trees which are equally well suited to bow making and these trees are the ones used in the making of lower priced Chinese pernambuco bows.  Think about it: No-one is going to sell for less than the cost of the raw materials and those you can research for yourself easily enough.  Then the maker has to make a profit and so does the wholesaler and so does the retailer.

I have no idea how you tell the difference; this maker has been honest with me and to me that is worth a lot.  If I can't tell the difference, neither will you - occasionally bows from China get mixed up in my bow box and I find myself with no way to be sure which one came from where (so it gets sold at the lowest possible price).  But I think it is probably safe to say that the great majority of bows from China sold through the wholesaler route will be of Chinese pernambuco until you get well up through the price range - wholesalers make far larger margins than retailers (that isn't a complaint, they are the ones who do the work and hold the stock and that all costs)


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