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Antiqued Chinese Violin made with European tonewoods 4/4 only

Antiqued Chinese Violin made with European tonewoods 4/4 only


Want to try a really nice violin which sounds European but is at Chinese prices?  Well then look at this one.  My difficulty is that because I am riddled with arthritis I can't actually play more than open strings.  But from what I can hear, this one is really nice.  It sounds European rather than Chinese (well OK I guess that shouldn't be surprising).  Described by one customer as being both warmer and louder than the Romanian violin (not a Gliga but one I rated above the Gliga Gems) that he bought from me previously.

If you don't like it, well, sending it back costs you no more than repacking it and handing it over to Parcelforce, which is minimal inconvenience surely?  You don't actually have to pay to return it, it just gets collected.

But I think you will like it.

I really need to come up with a name for these, and who knows, if they catch on as they deserve to, even my own label.

I discovered this maker in the summer of 2016 and was immediately impressed with the model I tried, which is the one on my website called "Superior Chinese violin"

This is the next model up.  It has been made with European tonewoods aged at least ten years.  And by the way, it costs me more than twice as much as the Superior Chinese violin which has proved so successful with players around Grade 8 (if only people would review them!!)

This violin would cost a lot more through the usual retailer / wholesaler route.  It is difficult to work out how much because there don't seem to be many violins out there that are made in China with European tonewoods.  The only one I could find quickly was the Eastman Master (list price £930) and that only says European spruce.  Some of the higher level Eastmans (over $2000) seem to have European wood too.

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