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Gliga Gama cello

Cello - Gliga Gama super


Previously known as the Gama 1.  How much are you expecting to pay for a cello suitable for Grade 8 and beyond?  More than this perhaps?  Well we don't sell many cellos but the majority of those we have sold have been Gamas and most of those have been for players around Grade 8, and they have been delighted.  If you search around youtube, you will find some videos of these (one Australian retailer sells them as Gama professional.  I think I can safely say that because I don't think many UK buyers are going to want to buy a cello form Australia!)

As standard, this cello comes with Spirocore strings, Wittner tailpiece and a free styrofoam hard case (why free?  We have these sent by post and it is not unknown for the case to lose a wheel in transit.  We don't want these coming without a case so I provide the case free and then if it does lose a wheel there is no argument, they are easily replaced with furniture castors anyway)

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