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Gliga Gama super violin

Violin - Gama 1/Gama Super


Typically sold to adult improvers, folk fiddlers, teachers, freelance professionals as a backup instrument, young players of Grade 5 up to Grade 8. We will not make silly claims and describe this instrument as suitable for first instrument study at a conservatoire but we will and do say confidently that it will be entirely adequate for Grade 8 study and probably DipABRSM (especially the violas and cellos).

The Gama super violin is better flamed than the Gama and has an ebony horseshoe where the neck joins the body.

As with all violins in this price range, the price is for the instrument only.  If you are good enough to need a Gama, you will have your own ideas about bows and cases.  However typically people tend to go for a rectangular styrofoam case and a pernambuco or better Glasser bow.

The picture shows a 3/4 size Gama super violin in normal finish, set up as I normally sell them with four adjusters and Dominant strings.

Here is one recorded by a player of Grade 5/6 standard.  It has Evah Pirazzi gold strings so sounds a little louder and brighter than usual:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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