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Gliga Gems 2 violin

Gliga Gems 2 violin outfit. FREE bow upgrade while stocks last.


While stocks last only, the bow upgrades are back for the Gems violin and viola outfits.  In place of the usual Hidersine 5062 bow, I will be supplying the Tian Yin Good Brazilwood bow (sold separately at £70).  I can't always offer this upgrade because cash flow sometimes makes it impossible, but right now, it's here.  Sizes down to 1/16.

Fitted with Dominant strings.  I send with bridge and soundpost up, with the bow pre-rosined and the violin tuned up (but no, it won't be still in tune when it arrives).

Solid wood of course, that has been naturally dried for 3-5 years.  Ebony fittings (as with all Gligas), lightly flamed maple back neck and sides.  Oil varnish.

Typically sold to adult beginners and returners, and children up to around Grade 5, on the basis that such children will be playing it for around two years before moving up a size.

The picture shows a 4/4 Gems 2 violin in antiqued finish (though frankly I can't usually tell the difference on a Gems), set up with four adjusters and Dominant strings. 

Don't forget that the prices shown here include a bow and case.  If you prefer to have the instrument only you may deduct £50 (but you will need to contact me personally in order to buy it that way)

If you want to hear one, here is a 3/4 size played by a Grade 8 player (starts at about 6 minutes 40 seconds).  She also plays the clarinet and piano very well - worth a listen on all three counts.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews Write a review

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