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Gliga Gama one piece back violin

Gliga Gama one piece back violin


One piece back version of the very popular Gliga Gama.  The picture shows a 4/4 in a dark antiqued finish.

The recording was done by a Grade 7 player

and here is one I found on youtube after following an ebay link.  This is a 1/4 size!  Warning, please don't watch this if you are dissatisfied with your  own progress!!!

if this doesn't say one or two things about the supposed need to spend thousands on something which "projects well" I don't know what does.  Hint, put some rosin on the bow and give it a bit of welly!  To be fair, according to the seller on ebay   "It was sent to the Luther for the new set up for curving up the finger board to the high note, and making the gap between strings and fingerboard appropriate for playing with fast tempo. ( the gap is not bigger and bigger in the higher position, this helped my daughter to develop her fast fingers.)"

Draw your own conclusions.

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