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Semi-bespoke Romanian violin 4/4 right handed only

Semi-bespoke Romanian violin 4/4 right handed only


Here is an interesting one with a rather complicated history.  I have inadvertently ended up with 12 Romanian violins in the white and without fingerboards.  All are well flamed and made from wood aged at least ten years (most are spruce and maple but one is poplar and one is "root maple").  They seem to be similarly flamed to the Gliga Gama.  They are not Gligas and neither are they made by the maker of the superior European instruments, this is someone else. 

I have two choices: sell them as they are (yes they are on the website that way too) or get them varnished and set up over here which gives the option of a partially bespoke instrument at a fraction of the cost it would be to get one completely bespoke and made in the UK.

You would be able to choose varnish and fittings within reason.  It can only be spirit varnish and if the fittings are super expensive I will need to charge extra, but you could choose within the options of antique or not, what colour, what wood for the accessories, fine tune pegs, strings, chinrest and so on.  However I can't do anything involving "artificial" colours or art work.  They will be labelled.

Terms: payment will be needed up front, lead time will be up to a month (less than Gliga!) but unless you have something really outlandish done to it, it will be returnable if you don't like it.


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