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Single maker Chinese Violin 4/4 only

Single maker Chinese Violin 4/4 only


One in stock now and another will be once it is fixed (arrived with varnish issues)

I have only sold one of these so far but it was very well received, with the teacher saying he would buy it himself if the pupil didn't.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to persuade people to leave product reviews. 

I discovered this maker in the summer of 2016 and was immediately impressed with the model I tried, which is the one on my website called "Superior Chinese violin"

This is two models up from that one.  It is made from start to finish by one experienced luthier.  And by the way, it costs me nearly four times as much as the Superior Chinese violin which has proved so successful with players around Grade 8 (if only people would review them!!)

This violin has an antiqued / slightly distressed finish (nothing extreme).  This is something makers often do with higher quality violins in order to make them look older.  Quite why it is that below a certain price point buyers won't buy anything with a scratch except at about half price, and once you get above a certain price point they won't buy anything new, remains a mystery to me, but there it is.  In fact Jay Haide say on their website that they had several instances of people thinking that their best violins really were old ones, and therefore they had to start putting a trade mark on the violin itself.  The fact that it is older does not always mean it is better.  It just means that it isn't going to improve any more!  On ebay from time to time you can see collections of old violin labels being sold "for music shop decoration" - cough! splutter!  Let those who consider buying "old" violins from unknown sources take note!

It's very well made as you would expect - look at that scroll for example, it's beautiful. It will be fitted with strings of your choice.  As far as I can make out from the very limited amount I can play these days, the tone is similar to the Heritage instruments that I had previously from The Soundpost. 

Goodness knows how much this would cost through the usual wholesaler route, neither of the wholesalers I deal with even offers a single maker violin.   

I really need to come up with a name for these, and who knows, if they catch on as they deserve to, even my own label.


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